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I am Pete Robson, and one of the great sadnesses of my life is that this is just about as good a photograph of me as exists. I would credit Lundy with all sorts of beneficial outcomes, but clearly there are limits.

I moved to Cornwall and Devon over 20 years ago, having lived a fairly nomadic life following my career in the Print Industry for in excess of 20 years. I wasnt happy with what my life had become, so I guess I dropped out (to a certain extent) and wrestled with getting my work/ life balance somewhere more comfortable.

I am originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, of which I am very proud: I still follow Newcastle United although most seasons I wonder just how much energy I have! I will, one day perhaps move back: its a constant battle as I feel split between the two areas of the country.

These days, I work in Retail, and am a Shop Steward for the Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers. Thats a responsibility I love.

I think I am happy,probably more than I deserve, and somewhere within that personal alchemy, Lundy and my time on the Island are a major part of learning how to achieve that. Red wine may have played a large part in the equation as well.

I hope you visit the Island: its a wonderful place in so many ways. Try a day visit, but to really gain an insight to the palce, you need to stay on the Island: even at busy times, the Island fels miles from anywhere, and it is quite possible to not see anyone until the pub opens and calls out to everyone! If you have any questions that occur, then please feel free to contact me: Lundy is a subject of which I never tire.


The above photos are of me conducting some of my regular guided history walks whilst living on the Island. 

In 2012 / 2013, I was asked to cast an eye over a novel partially set on Lundy,  by Sam Christer, the Author: who was kind enough to credit my contribution

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