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marisco tavern


The tavern was an inevitable addition to this site as I was the Bar Manager: I consequently spent a considerable amount of time (and money!) in the place, and sometimes I worked there as well. It is very much the focal point: visitors meet and dine there, and enjoy the shared experience of being in this unusual environment. It should be mentioned that the tavern is a licensed establishment: and closing times are adhered to regardless of the fact it is on an island.

The pub is attractive anyway: simply furnished, with granite floors and liberally decorated with artefacts from the hundreds of shipwrecks around the island, it is immediately atmospheric and evocative. The pictures and relics that adorn the walls are absorbing, and well worth a look. There is a truly satisfying absence of jukeboxes, fruit machines and so everyone can just enjoy each others company, discussing the days sights and sounds. The original bar area was what is now the servery: the present day bar was Felix Gades residence. The “library” area was originally the shop, prior to its being moved to the Linhay.

The beer is actually rather good: the Island no longer brews its own beer, as water is a carefully managed resource. St Austell Brewery produces the two real ales: Old Light and Lundy Experience. Day visitors, after the reality of walking up from the jetty are much in need of a drink.

And when the day visitors leave in the evening, the stayers congregate to share in the curious feeling of privilege that arrives on cue, and the Island seemingly breathes a sigh of relief and relaxes again into peace. The views from the pub are breathtaking, either across the channel by day, or on the brilliant moonlit nights. The wine list, by the way, has been extensively tested and passed as suitable drinking, which shows my dedication to duty.  And in the winter, I hope they continue my recipe for Lundy Mulled wine, to be drunk in front of the large log fire on cold days.


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