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Further Internet content regarding Lundy.


The Islands own site, providing essential information on reaching and staying on Lundy.

The Landmark Trust

Owners of The Lundy Co., the Landmark trust seeks to preserve many historic buildings throughout the world, and in so doing ensuring new life to them.

The National Trust

Ultimate owners of the Island.

The Lundy Field Society

The Lundy Field Society was founded in 1946 primarily to research the bird activities: but has spread its wings to encompass all aspects of academic research on the Island. It publishes a yearly handbook which publishes all manner of articles across a broad spectrum of interests: it is also very active in arranging work parties to support the work of the islanders. Please join! The Field Society was instrumental in many of the national and european designations that protect the Island and promote its unique contribution to scientific research

Lundy, Isle of Avalon

This is an intriguing site: well researched, and extremely well put together, it presents an interesting take on Lundys Celtic and Arthurian links.

Lundy Birds

This site, being dedicated to the birds of Lundy is a comprehensive, informative and fascinating read on all matters relating to the subject

Kernow A'n Dhragon

This is a very different company that offer fully guided tours of Cornwall and Devon.Whilst it is important to them to explain the historical and cultural facts of their locations, their motivation is to tell the story of our shared heritage in a rich and vibrant way.

The Modern Antiquarian

Anyone who has read Julian Copes remarkable book may like to visit this site. Combining New Age enthusiasms with academic grounding is well accomplished, and contains information on all the stone age remains throughout our country.

lundypete NewsGroup

A newsgroup I have set up for all those who wish to exchange information, news and views on any subject connected with the island.

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If you have any comments regarding this site, or indeed require answers to any questions arising. i really would appreciate feedback as to how useful you have found the site in considering, for example, a day visit or longer stay.