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I am Peter Robson, and one of the great sadnesses of my life is that this is probably as good as a photograph of me as is likely to be taken. I would like to say that I had a really good drink the night before, but I cant remember that being the case. I obviously just look like this. There are limits even to the Lundy restorative powers.

I was born in Northumberland, just a couple of miles from Corbridge. If I was to build another website, it would be about the North East. Those of you who haven't been to Newcastle or Northumberland, don't realise what you are missing: the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful (not a coal pit in site), the history vibrant and tangible: the night life is legendary.. And its very true what they say about the people.

Newcastle United Football Club is another constant in my life. Constantly disappointing, if I am honest !- but hope springs eternal.

I spent some 25 years in the Print industry, before I realised how much I hated it, and how unhappy it made me (and the people around me). So, in 1999 I decamped to Devon and Cornwall, where for the first time in my life, I am not feeling the overwhelming urge to get back to the North East.

The greatest respect to all of you who do so, but I intend to never live between the boundaries of the M5 and Hadrian's Wall again. 


Expectant visitors awaiting pearls of wisdom: I researched my history walks extensively, sometimes for minutes at a time.

All I need in life is a constant supply of red wine, good books and interesting people, I think that the meaning of life is somewhere within that little formula.

Living on Lundy was the most incredible experience: on a day to day basis it was fun, but coupled with an overwhelming sense of good fortune in living in such a breathtakingly beautiful location. I met a lot of good people, islanders and visitors alike. Those of you who met me on the Island: good to meet you again, and I hope I didn't intrude on your own Lundy.

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